About me

You are in the right place if…

… you are searching for your calling and a fulfilled life or

… if you are going abroad soon, or if you are already abroad or if you just returned – either as an expat or as a partner of a delegated person – and you are trying to arrange this big change in your life

Or if you want both: make the best of your time abroad by finding your calling and live.

I can help you with this! I explain why on my site, because you probably clicked on ‘about me’ to find out if I am ‘the right’ person for helping you with your search.


Decide yourself:

Why did I become a coach? All my life I was searching for my calling. In order to find it, I have tried everything: freelance writer at a local newspaper, studying biology, freelance science-journalist for different sized daily newspapers, trying to get a promotion, communication in a big German company in different sectors plus a few side-jobs. All this was ok, usually nice, but it didn’t really make me happy.

When my husband was delegated to the USA in 2012, my son and I went with him, even though it gave me stomach pains. But… It was the best decision of my life! Because it is where I finally found what I was searching for. My calling and with it myself.

After working in the communication sector for three more years in the USA, I took a career-navigation coaching class to find my calling. This is where I found out that it is my calling to be a coach. So I did a training as an Authentic Leadership Coach in the USA.

It is my calling to help others find their calling and live a happy life. I accompany you in times of change and help you to find and design the life you need in order to be happy.

Since I know how difficult it is to go abroad with your family, to put your own career on hold or to do something that was not planned, I want to help you in this exact situation. On your way abroad you can quickly lose your identity. But it doesn’t have to be this way, because coaching can help to not lose oneself and to redefine oneself.

I can help you to experience the moment where every piece of the puzzle suddenly comes together and you know what your ideal life looks like. You can’t imagine what a nice feeling that is! Afterwards we can both work towards you getting where you need to be in order to live your calling. And you will see that it is possible to do that abroad and everything was planned differently.

‘Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans’, John Lennon said this and it is one of my favourite quotes. I think this is exactly the beauty of being alive. It is so rich and you should take advantage of opportunities, wherever they occur. And if you keep your eyes open, you will see those opportunities. Together we will find your ideal life, so it doesn’t stay a dream.

I work with one-on-one coachings in particular – either personally in my office in Neustadt at Weinstraße or via Skype or video call. But I also offer workshops for larger groups and group coaching sessions and I can also be booked as a speaker. I use the Karriere Navigator as a method in order to coach the finding of your desired vocation. I coach in German, but also in English.


Here are a few details, in case you want to find out more about me:

  • I am from the northern part of Germany, but I now live in the Pfalz in the midst of vineyards.
  • My favourite pastimes are stories in every form. This means I…
    • … like to read (historical novels by Ken Follet, but also women’s novels by Jojo Moyes and others)
    • … listen to Podcasts (such as Six Pixels of Separation or Lead with a Story) and audio books (mostly business books such as Start with Why or 15 commitments of conscious leadership)
    • … like to watch TV series (I love the writer Shonda Rhimes and Grey’s Anatomy and How to get away with murder, but also The Good Wife and House of Cards)
    • … am interested in all things humain, such as creativity and self discovery (my favourite authors are Elizabeth Gilbert, Brene Brown and Simon Sinek)
    • … like to read blogs (my favourite ones are PostSecret and Humans of New York)
    • … write myself (especially children’s books)
  • I have two children: a six year old son and a two year old daughter. I love to make up stories and read to them (and can’t wait for them to be old enough for Astrid Lindgren, because Ronia the Robber’s Daughter is my favourite book, since she lived the life she wanted to live.)
  • I started a publishing house in the USA together with my American friend and we published guided journals that I designed myself, as well as authors that tell their favourite story and who have found their true self. The website is www.cityofoakspublishing.com or on Facebook.
  • My sister is the origin of my search for my calling, because she made me realize that an ideal vocation exists. My sister is a master piano builder and loves her profession. And that is what I always wanted… If you want to learn more about her, you can find her website here: www.klavierbaumeisterin.de

If this speaks to you and you can see yourself here, you are welcome to join my newsletter. I am blogging regularly about the subjects of finding and living your calling, the true self, life and the everlasting changes and everything that defines people who are happy.