Being an expat is not easy. But it is usually even more difficult to be the partner of a delegated person. Yes, of course it is also exciting to live abroad for a certain time – whether in Belgium, China, Brazil, Kazakhstan, or the Ivory Coast. But there are so many things that are more difficult than you thought – at least I have experienced it that way, when I went to the USA with my husband. Here are just a few of the reasons why it is not always as rosy as others imagine as an expat and partner of a delegated person:

  • You put your career in your home country on hold
  • For a few years you don´t work and are “just” at home
  • Everyone thinks that you are on a three-year holiday and doesn’t understand your worries
  • You lose a big part of your identity when you lose your job and your usual environment
  • You miss your home and don’t know your way around yet in your new environment
  • It requires lots of organizational talent to manage family or even just relationships in the new life abroad
  • You’ve got a position abroad, but the conditions are far worse than in Germany
  • You are only ‘the wife of …’ or more and more common ‘the husband of…‘
  • Before you go, a lot of people interfere with your family planning and organization of your leisure time – which worries you, because you heard that lots of relationships end when going abroad
  • Once you return you feel foreign in your home country, even though you were looking forward to your old life.

This is what happened to me and many other partners of delegates and expats and sometimes I was just frustrated, angry or sad. To master such a life is not easy. But wouldn’t it be nice if you would not just survive this period, but also use it to further develop yourself and find yourself?


Times of change are not easy and many people don’t like change and are having trouble dealing with it. But changes are also the ideal time to get to know oneself better and to grow as a person. If you deal openly and honestly and especially in a loving way with yourself, then changes can be a great turning point in your life.

With my coaching I want to help you do just that. I want to support you in making the very most of your time abroad. You’re not just “the wife of …” or increasingly more common “the husband of …” but you are yourself and you should use all your strengths and talents. Together we will find out what makes you really happy, and how you can best use this time out of Germany and how to return as a happy and stronger person.

We can start the coaching if you are just about to make the decision, or while you are abroad, or even when you are already back in Germany.

I coach individual sessions in particular and sometimes groups. We can personally meet in my coaching rooms in Neustadt at Weinstraße, if you’re in Germany. But it is better, of course, to communicate via Skype or video-conference, since you are probably somewhere else in the world.


If you are interested in making your time abroad as good as possible and emerging as a stronger person afterwards, then let’s work together.

As it takes time to build your identity and a new life with coaching I recommend to plan for at least six months of coaching, most common is to meet every two weeks. The first results are normally seen after about three months.

Let’s just have a talk about what you need and how I can support you. You can contact me here for have a free introductory talk or I’ll call you back. Or you can send me an e-mail at